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Music has always been a very special part of my life. It has been my healer, mentor, doorway to spiritual evolution and comforter. I hope that on your journey here, you find these same qualities and that your visit is rewarding and uplifting.

On this site you will find my original fusion of New Age and  Jazz beautiful solo piano music which I have written and performed to be spiritually uplifting, healing, relaxing and rejuvenating. These pieces came to me spontaneously in a flash of inspiration. I simply open my heart to the Divine Sound Current and let my fingers express what comes through. The music combines New Age melodic sensiblility with Jazz harmonies and rhythms to create a new sound.

Take your time and enjoy the free audio clips. If you like what you hear, there are links on the product page to purchase CDs and downloads. I would encourage you to purchase this music which I have written and performed to relax the mind, emotions and open the heart to a gentle flow of divine love to soothe the soul. There are many hours of love and hard work put in to the creation of this music which you can listen to over and over for upliftment.

Fred Lipsius, grammy award winning arranger for Blood Sweat and Tears has said of my music: “ John has written some beautiful melodies. His music, thoughtful and soothing, comes from a place of love. It draws you back for another listen.”

John Paris Music

Beautiful Piano Solos

New Age Jazz Fusion

Solo Pianist John Paris

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“Whisperings of the Heart”

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New Review of Heart of Christmas CD

“It seems an impossible task to come up with fresh versions of the Christmas classics, but Paris has done just that. The melodies are very recognizable, expressing love, joy, reverence and playfulness in a song-list that includes sacred and secular carols that will bring listening enjoyment for many holidays to come.”

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Joy of Jazz

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Black Boots Boogie

Brand New Release

Piano Jazz My Way

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